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Dozing off, as many people do in the metro after a day\’s work.

Dozing off (12×12 inches), a mixed media drawing on mylar with collages and transfers. I more particularly worked with acrylic ink and charcoal for the outlines and added some oil stick for the red background and white scraf.

A quiet time to catch up on the news.

Catching up (18 x 18 inches), a mixed media drawing on mylar with transfers and collages. I worked mainly with charcoal and white oil stick for this drawing.

In this series of 10 drawings on mylar, I prepared all the mylars beforehand with haphazard collages and transfers, as well as with additions of acrylic ink. Taking advantage of the abstract shapes and textures of each particular mylar, I worked with what was before me to create each particular drawing. I really like drawing the people that I encounter in the metro, and I referenced back to these sketches for this series of drawings.